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Servus and welcome.

This is the private website of Jakob Marberger.

Professional stuff first:

While I've left EFSTA with end of 2017, who I wish the very best, and trust that the sucess story I have been working on for two years will continue to evolve, I am joining Voithofer + Partner in Steyr, a IT consulting firm.

While my focus is shifting to a more dedicated management role, I hope to being able to continue offering support for fiscal topics through my new engagement. Feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Private topics:

This is my hoard of thoughts, concepts, stories. Unordered and incomplete, and some very, very old, and obsolete. However. Things need time to grow, and often the most spurious side-thought leads to the most interesting results.

You're very welcome to have a look, and comment.


ps. and one day, I'm sure, I'll have the time to actually find a proper template, and slap it onto this thing. ;)