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Last time I've written anything here, it was non-positive. In terms of outlook at the world, the planet.
Didn't improve much meanwhile. However. Where do we have to put the lever in, I wonder.
I think the ecological mess we're steering into (biodiversity + climate) is a urbanisation problem. Our cities are deserts, and they grow, an will continue to grow.

Since I don't think that we'll be, as a race, be able to change that, we have to change the cities.

And that means changing architecture. The whole glass and concrete wall concept, the designing buildings for maximum photo effect (which they are generally) has to give way to the creation of landscape which can be settled by nature. Skyscrapers have the become mountains of flowers, with mandatory bee colonies, and insect tribes.

Water has to be kept high, and soil has be get the chance to accumulate.

Humans have to start to become a positive ecological force to avoid dying.
if we don't, we probably deserve to be replaced.