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The titles start to add up, i know.
However. November, and the expectation would have been that since July (I think) all those global things would have improved, and my rather bleak outlook would have been proven paranoid, unwarranted, and generally not worth remembering.
Not the case, and it looks like we, as a race, are actually facing our own demise by our own hands, unless we really get our proverbial shit together, as they say.

The main factors that I currently see are:
biodiversity loss (pollinating species!!!)
pollutant enrichment
monoculture genetics variation vs. bacterial/viral evolvement cycles race
water resource use
wildlife resource use
climate change

We have to solve all of them in a short time, or, well, face extinction, as I see it.

And thses are things that are global in level, but local in application. So it has to work locally everywhere, or, to cite myself, we're in the shitter.
The problems involved with this are legion of course, and that's only what I can see...

So I pose the question to everyone: How do we get that done within, say, twenty years?
What can we do locally?
What can we do on a beyond local scale?

We have to. Really.
Failing is not an option, or we are dead (and the ecoshpere probably better off, but never mind) :)